Having children is a wonderful step in a woman’s life but it often causes unwanted changes to your body. A mommy makeover performed by the skilled surgeons at Polyclinic Plastic Surgery will help you restore your pre-baby shape, enhancing your natural beauty.

"I have always felt safe and well cared for during my surgical experiences. Post-surgically, the staff is there for you. They are easy to reach and are ready to answer any questions that may come up. Everyone has always been kind and reassuring."
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What is a Mommy Makeover?

While having children can be a magnificent experience, it can also take a toll on your body, impacting your confidence. A mommy makeover can restore your pre-baby body, giving you a beautiful contour and an improved physique.

A mommy makeover can be done in one or more steps, depending on the procedures your surgeon recommends. Our board-certified plastic surgeons will work closely with you to help you meet your goals. At the Polyclinic Plastic Surgery in Seattle, you will receive the highest level of personalized, compassionate care and beautiful, natural results.



What are the Benefits?

After a mommy makeover at Polyclinic Plastic Surgery in Seattle, you will experience:

  • A flatter, more toned abdomen
  • Feminine, full breasts
  • A more youthful body contour
  • Better fitting clothing and swimwear
  • Improved body image and boosted confidence
  • Natural results


Who is the Ideal Candidate?

Patients looking to have a mommy makeover should be in good physical and mental health. Additionally, the ideal candidate:

  • Does not plan on having any more children
  • Is more than six months postpartum and is not currently breastfeeding
  • Maintains a stable weight
  • Has no serious medical issues that could affect surgery or recovery
  • Is a non-smoker

Candidates should also discuss their goals with their surgeon and have realistic expectations about results.



What Can I Expect from Recovery?

Recovery from a mommy makeover entirely depends on the type and amount of procedures performed at any given time. Typically, swelling, tenderness, and bruising can be expected. You may need to wear compression garments to avoid excess fluids or swelling. Before going home, you will be provided with a detailed at-home care plan to promote successful healing. Your surgeon will closely monitor your progress with post-operative appointments, but most patients can expect to need several weeks to recover before returning to normal, everyday activity.


What Types of Surgery are Involved in a Mommy Makeover?

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What are the various techniques available?


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