I am a senior IT Program Manager with one daughter and 2 adorable grandsons. I Love watching football and spoiling my miniature long-haired dachshund.


How did you find your surgeon? What were the specific reasons you chose him or her over other providers? 

Dr. Nadeau was recommended by Melanie Clemenz, MD, a Polyclinic dermatologist.

What type of procedure did you have and why did you decide to have this procedure? 

I had a neck lift and lower facelift. I was finally at a point in my life where I was fortunate enough to have the financial ability to get this procedure done to correct the double chin/turkey neck that I have had my entire life.

Describe your surgical experience and recovery. 

I had a great surgical experience. The recovery was a bit more involved than I had anticipated but overall everything went very smoothly and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

What were your fears about having this procedure and how did your surgeon help you overcome them? 

After meeting Dr. Nadeau I did not have any fears at all about having this procedure. Her calming and confident demeanor made me feel as if I would be very well taken care of.

Describe why you are happy you chose this procedure. How has it positively impacted your life? Your self-esteem?

I am so happy I had this procedure! I only wish I would have had it done much earlier in my life. I can now wear my hair in a ponytail without being self-conscious! I have experienced a strange mix of emotions as part of this whole process. I’m sad that I struggled with my appearance for so long but happy that I’ve now been able to have this surgery and to have found Dr. Nadeau who did an incredible job.

Tell us specifically about why you are happy you chose the surgeon you did? Describe his/her most outstanding qualities. 

Dr. Nadeau is so very comforting and caring. I love how excited she is to see me and to see the results of the wonderful work she did for me.

How did our staff support you in your surgical experience?

I felt comfortable and very cared for by the support staff at all times. All questions sent to the portal or via email were answered thoroughly and quickly. The support staff was a very large part of a wonderful experience!

Do you have any advice for others who may be considering this procedure? 

My best advice to others considering this procedure would be don’t wait!