Restored level of intimacy.

Beth MacLean

I'm truly grateful that I found Haley Trudeau, LME and Dr. Nadeau and I'm so glad that I had the Geneveve treatment. The Geneveve treatment has restored a level of intimacy that my husband and I had before and this makes us both very happy. I had reached the post-menopausal stage in my life and sex had become more and more painful to the point when my husband and I had to stop having sex. Over the past several years my PCP and gynecologist both advised using EString or vaginal creams which I tried but found they did little for the problem. Sexual intercourse was too painful. I was so disappointed thinking that my husband and I would never make love again but I kept researching other options. I talked with women friends and learned that many of them also had the exact same problem and they too had to stop having sex with their husbands. The procedure itself is completely painless. I think I had the procedure on my lunch break and returned to work afterwards. Within a day after the treatment I notice an improvement in vaginal dryness. A big improvement. My husband and I waited 2 weeks before attempting sexual intercourse. I'm absolutely 100% sold on the procedure. It has restored the level of intimacy that I thought my husband & I had lost.