I am a 42-year-old wife and mother of two great kids, ages 10 and 14. I work for my county’s local power utility helping to plan capital projects and facilitate environmental permitting. Outside of work, I take advantage of Eastern Washington’s sunny weather and enjoy hiking, paddleboarding, camping, backpacking, and gardening. I love finding new places to explore.

Testimonial 27-Polyclinic Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center

How did you find your surgeon? What were the specific reasons you chose him or her over other providers? 

I found Dr. Nadeau after many Google searches and reading reviews of surgeons in the area. I knew I preferred a female surgeon for my procedure, and I felt like Dr. Nadeau understood my situation being a mother herself. She was able to answer all of my questions and address any concerns during our initial consultation. I felt very comfortable with her from the start. The fact that she has office hours in Wenatchee was also super convenient for me.

What type of procedure did you have and why did you decide to have this procedure? 

I had a breast augmentation. The combination of nursing two babies, 40+ years of gravity, and a recent weight loss, resulted in significant changes to my body. While I was proud of my weight loss, I missed the curves I used to have. I no longer filled out any of my shirts or swimsuits, and I wanted to feel more feminine again.

Describe your surgical experience and recovery. 

Dr. Nadeau and the entire Polyclinic Plastic Surgery staff are wonderful. They were all so kind, understanding, and helpful. All of my questions were always answered quickly and I felt very taken care of the entire time. MY post-procedure recovery was much easier than I anticipated. I expected to be sore, and I was, but after a week I felt so much better. I’m now 3 weeks post-procedure and feeling (and looking!) great.

What were your fears about having this procedure and how did your surgeon help you overcome them? 

I wouldn’t say I had any fears about the surgery itself, but I was a little nervous about going from being almost completely flat-chested to a full C cup. I didn’t want a ‘fake’ look and it was important to me to be able to exercise and do all the outdoor activities I love. Dr. Nadeau was able to help me find the right size for my frame and I am very happy with how my new breasts look.

Describe why you are happy you chose this procedure. How has it positively impacted your life? Your self-esteem?

I am so happy I decided to have this breast augmentation done because I finally feel comfortable in my skin again, more like myself. I no longer feel discouraged when I try on clothes that don’t fit the way I had hoped they would. This has positively impacted my life in so many ways. I’m less self-conscious about my appearance, and I love feeling curvy and feminine again. I feel more confident and it feels good to have done something that is just for me.

Tell us specifically about why you are happy you chose the surgeon you did? Describe his/her most outstanding qualities. 

Dr. Nadeau is so friendly and she has a great bedside manner. I felt like she understood my goals for surgery and she made me feel comfortable every step of the way. She answered all of my questions honestly, laid out all of the risks, and took care to explain it all in layman’s terms. She was never condescending.

How did our staff support you in your surgical experience?

The entire Polyclinic Plastic Surgery staff was wonderful! Each person I dealt with was attentive, professional, and helpful. They put my mind at ease. I’d like to thank everyone for the compassionate care they provided. I finally feel like myself again!

Do you have any advice for others who may be considering this procedure? 

Everyone’s goals are different so it’s hard to offer advice, but I can honestly say I am so glad I had my breast augmentation done. I had been considering it for a long time and only wish I had done it sooner.