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All photographs in this gallery are from the practice of DR. DREW WELK. None may be copied or reproduced in any format.

Distinguishing features (such as moles, jewelry, or tattoos) may have been removed or blurred. Results depicted in this Gallery do not constitute an implied warranty or guaranteed outcome for any procedure depicted. Specific details of any procedure, including conduct of surgery, implant selection (where applicable), medical and cosmetic risks of surgery, and associated aftercare are reviewed with prospective patients during consultation.

All procedures are associated with risks and potential complications which are disclosed and reviewed prior to surgery.

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"Doctor Welk is thoughtful, very knowledgeable and stays current with reconstructive procedures. He deeply cares about his patients."


Dr. Welk is a top plastic surgeon in the Seattle area, specializing in facial cosmetic surgery, cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery, liposuction and cosmetic surgery of the torso and extremities.