Miraculous Transformation, Out-of-the-Box Expertise

Sameen Fatima

OMG, if you want miracles, Dr. Megan is your surgeon. I had an unusual issue. The result of her "thinking out of the box" and "Scissorhands" skill was beyond what I ever could imagine. I consulted 5 other surgeons, all -stuck in the box- doing the same X procedures, ignoring that X isn't for everyone that comes in. All 5 surgeons I consulted would have left me with big ugly unnecessary scars, more than a month of recovery, and one even stated, limited if any improvement. Where Dr. Megan renewed me as a goddess. Only about 1 week of recovery and OMG stunning improvement!!!!!! If I wasn't so private, I'd show the world what miracle she did for me. DR. MEGAN ROCKS!!!!