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Our goal is happy patients with naturally beautiful results. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of personalized care and we are always thrilled to hear your feedback after any procedure.

The entire team is excellent!!!
Donna, 2018

"The entire team is excellent!!! They gave us the encouragement to continue moving forward with my breast reconstruction."

Restored level of intimacy.
Ellen, 2018

I'm truly grateful that I found Haley Trudeau, LME and Dr. Nadeau and I'm so glad that I had the Geneveve treatment. The Geneveve treatment has restored a level of intimacy that my husband and I had before and this makes us both very happy.

I had reached the post-menopausal stage in my life and sex had become more and more painful to the point when my husband and I had to stop having sex.

Over the past several years my PCP and gynecologist both advised using EString or vaginal creams which I tried but found they did little for the problem.

Sexual intercourse was too painful. I was so disappointed thinking that my husband and I would never make love again but I kept researching other options.

I talked with women friends and learned that many of them also had the exact same problem and they too had to stop having sex with their husbands.

The procedure itself is completely painless. I think I had the procedure on my lunch break and returned to work afterwards.

Within a day after the treatment I notice an improvement in vaginal dryness. A big improvement.

My husband and I waited 2 weeks before attempting sexual intercourse. I'm absolutely 100% sold on the procedure. It has restored the level of intimacy that I thought my husband & I had lost.

Saved my leg from amputation
Mark, 2016

"Dr. Cindy Wei has been wonderful in helping me save my leg from amputation. Her excellent surgical skills and transparency in communicating with me and her great after surgery care makes me respect her education, training and experience. I recommend her to anyone with a complex wound or other surgery needs."

Treats you like a family member
March 2017

Dr. Beshlian is absolutely the best physician that I have ever met. He is 200% caring and is an excellent surgeon. He treats you like a family member.

Not possible to improve.
May 2017

Not possible to improve on my experience with this visit. It was a 'same day appointment' in that I called about a concern in the late morning, my call was returned and followed up on faster than I reasonably expected and I was given a 3pm appointment. Dr. Welk is a great doctor and caring person.

January 2017

Everything went wonderfully. I'm very happy with the results and Dr. Paige is awesome and his entire staff, everybody from the financial planner to the nurses to the surgical staff - everybody was wonderful. Thank you guys very much.

Cares deeply
May 2017

Dr. Welk is thoughtful, very knowledgeable and stays current with reconstructive procedures. He deeply cares about his patients.

Professional & Knowledeable
April 2017

All staff members were kind, friendly and very helpful! Dr. Welk was very professional, knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my questions!

Dr. Kyllo is amazing!

Dr. Kyllo is amazing! He is very kind, gentle and funny. I'm a pretty shy person and he always made me feel welcome and helped me to open up and addressed my every need. He is an artist in the truest respect, and knows what limits to take while keeping his patients needs in mind so that the result is both stunning and natural. His office is very clean and professional and inviting and his staff are top notch.

I am trans so I had special needs and Dr. Kyllo made sure to assist me as much as humanly possible. My insurance at work recently approved a trans health care plan and the insurance was being very difficult to work with. But Dr. Kyllo's office worked hard and didn't back down and was able to make everything work out just fine. I truly appreciated all the hard work that they put in on this aspect of my surgery.

I had my augmentation a few months ago and I'm extremely pleased with the results. By breasts are almost twice as big and look like a completely natural DD cup. We chose to do unders which can be more invasive but the doctor's good work ensured my recovery time was minimal. I would recommend Dr. Kyllo to anyone interested in getting a BA.

Dr. Kyllo is Highly Skilled and Honestly the Best!

I came to see Dr. Kyllo within days after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had been told by word of mouth, he was a perfectionist in his field, and genuinely nice. Dr. Kyllo did reconstructive surgery for my bilateral mastectomy and my results look great. In addition, I had liposuction on my neck as well as an endoscopic eyebrow lift. I am extremely happy with those results too, even tough I am only about 3 weeks out. It looks very natural; just as I wanted. Breast cancer is a scary ordeal, but Dr. Kyllo and his staff are friendly and personable which made my visits enjoyable. His office is beautiful and relaxing. Most of my visits I felt like I was at a 5-star spa. I will be back for more.

He is bar none….. the best!!!!

Dr. Kyllo was referred to me as the very best in plastic surgery. He was great!!! My last post-op I discussed with him a concern regarding my breast and he evaluated me and requested additional testing. I did just that and Thank God I did. He caught my breast cancer early, not because of obvious lump, but simply his expertise. He worked with my surgeon from another hospital, as they made a plan for a double mastectomy. I am now 3 weeks post-op with my reconstruction, (which I'm so glad I did not do the immediate reconstruction along with my mastectomy) for a verity of reasons. Dr. Kyllos bed side manor and thoughtful best out come for me was so appreciated. He has set the bar high for sure. His staff is also superior. I confidently give my personal recommendation... not only for his great work as a surgeon but his caring and TLC while going through and surviving the challenges of cancer. He is the absolute best!!!!! Thank You Dr. Kyllo!!!!

Beyond Wonderful!

Dr. Nadeau took her time with me and made me feel comfortable and confident in my procedures (eye lift and reconstructive surgery due to the Moh's procedure) by explaining in depth what was happening, what to expect, and by answering all my questions thoroughly. I was impressed by her knowledge, kindness, and professionalism. There were no "surprises" for me because she was honest in what to plan for and expect in each stage of the process. Her follow-up care, exceeded my expectations, making sure I came out looking better than before I went in! Her care and passion for others are her natural characteristics and she displays this in her work. I have chosen to return to her for smaller procedure (Botox and filler) because everything about her is beyond wonderful!


"Thank you all so much for the care, tenderness, and value you give to each patient. Your patience and graciousness have touched my life and means so much. I can’t thank you enough. You are each a gift to your profession."


Dr. Liu forever changed my life for the better

"Dr. Liu is my Michelangelo. I was a beautiful piece of marble before but he has carved me into literal walking art. Dr. Liu forever changed my life for the better and I will forever be his hype queen!"

Truly a surgical artist that practices patient-centered care

"Since having FFS surgery I no longer feel gender dysphoria. My body, mind, and spirit are finally aligned. I wake up every day now feeling confident about how I look thanks to Dr. Liu. He is truly a surgical artist that practices patient-centered care."

Highly recommended

Dr. Dreveskracht was amazing start to finish. She was so informative, warm, friendly and made me feel very comfortable going forward with the procedure. So much that I cancelled my other consultations because I knew she was the one I had to have. She even personally called to check up on me later that evening to make sure I was well. Highly recommend her to any of my friends.

Great expertise

I deeply value Dr. Dreveskracht’s expertise and down-to-earth personality.

Life-Changing Confidence

I have never had any cosmetic surgery before and was very nervous about getting the procedure done, but Dr. Dreveskracht and her staff are wonderful and made the whole experience easier than I ever imagined. My results are far better than I hoped for and life changing. I have confidence now that I never had and wonder why I did not do this sooner!

Down to earth

Down to earth, honest, communicative, precise.

Exceptional Care and Comfort

Dr. Dreveskracht has been wonderful since the first visit! She has explained procedures, options and possible outcomes thoroughly and patiently. Her work was fantastic and I could not be happier. Every step of the way, she has made me comfortable. Having a woman doctor meant the world to me.

Transformed Confidence

I cannot say enough amazing things about Dr. Dreveskracht and her entire team. From my 25 typed and printed questions I brought to just about every appointment to answering my emails of the questions I realized I wanted to ask later, the entire team made me feel like I was in safe, capable hands. I learned so much about my procedure and how to heal properly and as a cake topper: I LOVE MY NEW BOOBS, they’ve changed my self confidence and how I feel about my body. So grateful for Dr. Dreveskracht for all her hard work and all she did to help me achieve self confidence. I cannot stress enough; if you are unhappy with a part of your body and you have the ability to change it, book an appointment with Dr. Dreveskracht and go live and love your life.

Trust, Precision, and Satisfaction

I am so happy I trusted my gut and went with Dr Dreveskracht. I expressed to her my desire to have my breast augmentation done without a lift and she discussed options with me and was very optimistic about achieving my desired results, while still informing me fully of the risks. I feel she had a firm grasp on what I was looking for and appreciated my input and understood (unlike previous surgeons) that I was looking for results that were consistent with the breasts I currently had. I feel like everything went perfectly. Dr. Megan is also kind, funny and efficient, which makes each visit quick and easy. So happy with how everything went.

Empowering Confidence

I was searching for a female surgeon and was lucky enough to come across Dr. Megan Dreveskracht. At my consultation, Dr. Megan took her time with me, explaining and answering any questions I had. I was so impressed with her bedside manner, knowledge and professionalism. I was extremely nervous going into surgery and Dr. Megan made me feel safe and cared for. I couldn't be happier with my results thus far considering how recently I had my procedure. At my post-op appointment Dr. Megan again took all the time I needed to answer any questions I had. It's such a relief to be in the care of such a knowledgeable and caring surgeon. I would highly recommend Dr. Megan! You won't be disappointed!

Exceptional Care and Exceptional Results

Dr. Megan was fantastic! She answered all my questions, was very thorough and supportive. And I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Miraculous Transformation, Out-of-the-Box Expertise

OMG, if you want miracles, Dr. Megan is your surgeon. I had an unusual issue. The result of her "thinking out of the box" and "Scissorhands" skill was beyond what I ever could imagine. I consulted 5 other surgeons, all -stuck in the box- doing the same X procedures, ignoring that X isn't for everyone that comes in. All 5 surgeons I consulted would have left me with big ugly unnecessary scars, more than a month of recovery, and one even stated, limited if any improvement. Where Dr. Megan renewed me as a goddess. Only about 1 week of recovery and OMG stunning improvement!!!!!! If I wasn't so private, I'd show the world what miracle she did for me. DR. MEGAN ROCKS!!!!

Exceptional Care and Genuine Compassion

I got to witness first hand Dr. Gougoutas’s exceptionally caring, unrushed, very professional yet real compassionate heart.

A Trustworthy and Skilled Surgeon Who Cares

I highly recommend Dr. Gougoutas. He is a very nice person and a skilled surgeon. He listens and communicates very well and strives to achieve the result you want. I am so grateful that I was referred to him. He is professional, trustworthy, and earnest.

Professionalism and Outstanding Results

I had a wonderful experience, everything was outlined in detail before the surgery. Dr. Gougoutas's team was so friendly and very professional, answered all my questions, and understood everything that was going to take place. I am beyond pleased with the overall results!