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Our goal is happy patients with naturally beautiful results. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of personalized care and we are always thrilled to hear your feedback after any procedure.

Skill, Kindness, and Exceptional Outcomes

Dr. Gougoutas is excellent. I highly recommend him. He is skillful and kind. He listens and looks at all the angles to ensure a great outcome. I am very grateful to Dr. Gougoutas, for his skill, his professionalism, and his kindness. I am extremely relieved and happy with the outcome.

Professionalism and Outstanding Results

I had a wonderful experience, everything was outlined in detail before the surgery. Dr. Gougoutas's team was so friendly and very professional, answered all my questions, and understood everything that was going to take place. I am beyond pleased with the overall results!

A Trustworthy and Skilled Surgeon Who Cares

I highly recommend Dr. Gougoutas. He is a very nice person and a skilled surgeon. He listens and communicates very well and strives to achieve the result you want. I am so grateful that I was referred to him. He is professional, trustworthy, and earnest.

Exceptional Care and Genuine Compassion

I got to witness first hand Dr. Gougoutas’s exceptionally caring, unrushed, very professional yet real compassionate heart.

Miraculous Transformation, Out-of-the-Box Expertise

OMG, if you want miracles, Dr. Megan is your surgeon. I had an unusual issue. The result of her "thinking out of the box" and "Scissorhands" skill was beyond what I ever could imagine. I consulted 5 other surgeons, all -stuck in the box- doing the same X procedures, ignoring that X isn't for everyone that comes in. All 5 surgeons I consulted would have left me with big ugly unnecessary scars, more than a month of recovery, and one even stated, limited if any improvement. Where Dr. Megan renewed me as a goddess. Only about 1 week of recovery and OMG stunning improvement!!!!!! If I wasn't so private, I'd show the world what miracle she did for me. DR. MEGAN ROCKS!!!!

Exceptional Care and Exceptional Results

Dr. Megan was fantastic! She answered all my questions, was very thorough and supportive. And I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Empowering Confidence

I was searching for a female surgeon and was lucky enough to come across Dr. Megan Dreveskracht. At my consultation, Dr. Megan took her time with me, explaining and answering any questions I had. I was so impressed with her bedside manner, knowledge and professionalism. I was extremely nervous going into surgery and Dr. Megan made me feel safe and cared for. I couldn't be happier with my results thus far considering how recently I had my procedure. At my post-op appointment Dr. Megan again took all the time I needed to answer any questions I had. It's such a relief to be in the care of such a knowledgeable and caring surgeon. I would highly recommend Dr. Megan! You won't be disappointed!

Trust, Precision, and Satisfaction

I am so happy I trusted my gut and went with Dr Dreveskracht. I expressed to her my desire to have my breast augmentation done without a lift and she discussed options with me and was very optimistic about achieving my desired results, while still informing me fully of the risks. I feel she had a firm grasp on what I was looking for and appreciated my input and understood (unlike previous surgeons) that I was looking for results that were consistent with the breasts I currently had. I feel like everything went perfectly. Dr. Megan is also kind, funny and efficient, which makes each visit quick and easy. So happy with how everything went.

Transformed Confidence

I cannot say enough amazing things about Dr. Dreveskracht and her entire team. From my 25 typed and printed questions I brought to just about every appointment to answering my emails of the questions I realized I wanted to ask later, the entire team made me feel like I was in safe, capable hands. I learned so much about my procedure and how to heal properly and as a cake topper: I LOVE MY NEW BOOBS, they’ve changed my self confidence and how I feel about my body. So grateful for Dr. Dreveskracht for all her hard work and all she did to help me achieve self confidence. I cannot stress enough; if you are unhappy with a part of your body and you have the ability to change it, book an appointment with Dr. Dreveskracht and go live and love your life.

Exceptional Care and Comfort

Dr. Dreveskracht has been wonderful since the first visit! She has explained procedures, options and possible outcomes thoroughly and patiently. Her work was fantastic and I could not be happier. Every step of the way, she has made me comfortable. Having a woman doctor meant the world to me.

Down to earth

Down to earth, honest, communicative, precise.

Life-Changing Confidence

I have never had any cosmetic surgery before and was very nervous about getting the procedure done, but Dr. Dreveskracht and her staff are wonderful and made the whole experience easier than I ever imagined. My results are far better than I hoped for and life changing. I have confidence now that I never had and wonder why I did not do this sooner!


"Thank you all so much for the care, tenderness, and value you give to each patient. Your patience and graciousness have touched my life and means so much. I can’t thank you enough. You are each a gift to your profession."


Thank you all so much for the care
Cheryl, May 2017

Thank you all so much for the care, tenderness, and value you place on each patient. Your patience and graciousness have touched my life and means so much. I can’t thank you enough. You are each a gift to your profession.

I love the results!
Diana, November 2016

Everything was better than expected. The day of surgery was splendid. Everyone made me feel comfortable and secure. Honest, clear, careful and I love the results.

Quick and easy and the view is beautiful
Leslie, April 2017

Everyone from the receptionist to nursing to the surgeon was all wonderful. The procedure was quick and easy and the view is beautiful.

Friendly, helpful staff
March 2017

Great first visit for gathering information on a possible procedure. In the reception area, I was greeted by friendly, helpful staff. They were very understanding when I arrived several minutes late due to the Seattle area traffic challenge! My questions prior to seeing the doctor were answered completely and professionally.

Nothing that could have been done better
January 2017

There is absolutely nothing that could have been done better. Dr. Nadeau and her staff took exemplary and gentle care of me from start to finish. I can't say enough good things about them. Dr. Nadeau is a true artist at what she does.

Kind, friendly and very helpful!
April 2017

All staff members were kind, friendly and very helpful! Dr. Welk was very professional, knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions!

Fortunate to have Dr. Nadeau to help through my cancer journey
April 2017

"Dr. Nadeau is very compassionate, caring and understanding. She has always spent plenty of time with me and provides me with all the information I need to make any needed decisions. I am very fortunate to have her as part of my team of physicians to get me through my cancer journey. The team she has to support her are very professional, compassionate and helpful."

Like a family member
March 2017

Absolutely the best physician that I have ever met. He is 200% caring and is an excellent surgeon. He treats you like a family member.

Best Latissimus Flap Doctor in Seattle!
December 2016

I am 32 and had a double mastectomy with additional tissue take out from my chest wall post mastectomy. I had my expanders put in about 3 weeks ago and my girlfriends thought they were the final product. Dr. Welk is a strait shooter and will tell you what to expect. His details, clarity and work have lead me to believe he is the best in Seattle. Thank you Dr. Welk!

Unconditional Recommendation
Facelift, 2012

My experience with Dr. Welk was nothing but positive. He was caring, professional, and thorough in discussing my possible procedures. I found him to be conservative, making sure I did not have unrealistic expectations, and that I understood possible risks and outcomes. His administrator, Kathy, and his surgical team, Marilyn and Bettie, all were uniformly excellent in educating me on preparation and recovery. They all made me feel very comfortable and well cared for. I unconditionally recommend Dr. Welk if you are considering cosmetic surgery.

I highly recommend him!
March 2017

Dr. Welk did a wonderful job on my reconstruction after breast cancer surgery. He was the perfect doctor for me - very honest and straightforward. Dr. Welk was patient with all my questions and anxieties, incredibly clear about the technical aspects (lat flap, implants, surgical and recovery process) and my results were great. I so appreciated his focus on helping me recover from the trauma of losing both breasts. His nurse is fantastic and kind. I highly recommend him!

Great doctor and great human
Breast Reconstruction, Nov 2014

If you're looking for fluff or frilly words, try elsewhere. Dr. Welk will only ever give it to you straight with a touch of humor. He very kindly received/responded to my texts to his personal cell when I had questions, even four months after surgery. The staff is lovely too, particularly Kathy, who went to bat for me when my insurance decided to approve my right breast for a reduction but not the left.

Dr. Welk and his staff are all amazing
May 2015

Dr. Welk and his staff are all amazing. I saw him for a breast reduction and six months later, I am still happy with the results. From the first consultation, he was thorough in explaining everything I could expect, including my new size and recovery period. Kathy took care of all of my insurance questions/needs and provided me with an accurate out of pocket cost. He has the best staff--Betty his anesthesiologist was just amazing, especially considering how nervous I was. He has a great sense of humor and is straight to the point. If you're looking for a doctor to coddle you, you won't get that from him, but what you will get is a very skilled surgeon who clearly knows what he is doing. I highly recommend him!

5 stars!
Blepharoplasty, May 2015

Drew Welk has a reputation for the "best breast reconstruction following mastectomy" in this area. I engaged him to perform a blepharoplasty, and I am very happy with the outcome. All staff had that perfect blend of friendly but very professional manner. The process was well managed, and at each step, I was confident in my care. I referred a friend to him for a breast reduction, and she was very happy with the results. She referred someone in turn. My personal experience is 5-star performance.

An absolute artist when it comes to filler

I see Dr. Nadeau for my filler and Botox. She is an absolute artist when it comes to filler. She will take her time assessing your face and listen to your needs and concerns while also giving her honest input and advice to steer you in the right direction. I was certain that I wanted fuller lips, but we ended up treating my cheeks and under-eyes and it has made all the difference. When it comes to the under-eyes you want to make sure you are seeing someone who is an EXPERT- the area is delicate but when it’s done right it is stunning! Her passion for aesthetics is clear, and she will educate you on the specific modifications you can make to your routine to get the most out of your treatments.