I am a 29-year-old wife and mother of two. I have worked in healthcare for 12 years and have been an administrative assistant for 4. I love to stay busy and enjoy taking on new projects! In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, especially being outdoors with my husband and kiddos.

Testimonial 26-Polyclinic Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center

How did you find your surgeon? What were the specific reasons you chose him or her over other providers? 

I was referred to Dr. Nadeau by one of my colleagues who went to school with her. I went for my consultation and fell in love. She is kind, thorough, smart, and easy to talk to. She answered all of my questions, along with the questions that my husband had. I instantly felt like I could trust her.

What type of procedure did you have and why did you decide to have this procedure? 

I had a breast augmentation. I have always had a small chest and after breastfeeding two babies, my breasts got even smaller. I’ve never felt confident in tight tops or swimwear and I felt that Dr. Nadeau and her team would take good care of me. After talking with Dr. Nadeau I had no hesitations about moving forward with the procedure. I am so glad I did!

Describe your surgical experience and recovery. 

The day of surgery went really well! When I was taken back to the surgical center, the nurse met with me to take my vitals and Dr. Nadeau came in to confirm everything we talked about at my consultation to ensure we were on the same page. I also spoke to the anesthesiologist and went over my medical history. Finally, the nurse took me back to the operating room where she laid me on the warm bed and just chatted with me like we were old friends. I felt so comfortable with the whole process and was so thankful for the staff that took such great care of me. I am currently one week post-op and I am feeling a lot better than I thought I would be. I’m not experiencing any true pain, just some minor discomfort.

What were your fears about having this procedure and how did your surgeon help you overcome them? 

My only fear was going under anesthesia. After talking with Dr. Nadeau and the anesthesiologist on the day of surgery, I immediately felt better. They answered all of my questions and reassured me that I’d wake up feeling like nothing had ever happened. They were correct! I woke up and was on my merry way.

Describe why you are happy you chose this procedure. How has it positively impacted your life? Your self-esteem?

Immediately after my breast augmentation surgery, I felt more confident. Even though I’m only one week post-op I already feel like a new me! I am so glad I went through with this. It’s important to do things for yourself, things that make you happy. This is something that has already made me so happy! Working full time while also being a wife and a mom makes it challenging to do things just for yourself. Don’t let that stop you! Having my this surgery has already positively impacted my life and I am so excited to continue to thrive.

Tell us specifically about why you are happy you chose the surgeon you did? Describe his/her most outstanding qualities. 

I am beyond grateful that Dr. Nadeau was my surgeon. She made me feel beautiful, respected, not-judged and valued. She was so excited for me to have this done and her enthusiasm was contagious! She supported my decision and I trusted her judgment in choosing the best implant size for my body type. I am so thankful for her and her team!

How did our staff support you in your surgical experience?

The entire Polyclinic Plastic Surgery staff was wonderful! They made me feel welcomed and informed every step of the way and were always available to answer any questions that I had. I’d like to send a big thank you to the entire whole team for making me feel like I was a part of the family. Everyone was easy to talk to, extremely responsive, and always friendly.

Do you have any advice for others who may be considering this procedure? 

I know it can feel scary to move forward with a procedure you’ve been wanting, but it’s so rewarding. Don’t hesitate to ask any and all questions. Everyone on The Polyclinic Plastic Surgery team is so great about responding in a timely manner and they are always happy to help.