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A cosmetic surgery consultation at the Polyclinic Plastic Surgery Center in Seattle is equal parts interview, learning experience, and time to discover the possibilities of what cosmetic surgery can achieve for you. It’s also a time for you and your surgeon to get to know one another. The consultation is always a two-way conversation between you and your surgeon that should help you answer two big questions:

Is cosmetic surgery right for me?

If so, which procedure or procedures will best address my needs?

Here’s a basic rundown of what your consultation will entail:

1. Check in with the front office staff.

First, you’ll check in at our reception desk. If you received paperwork in the mail ahead of time, a staff member will collect it now, or you may spend a few minutes filling out forms. 

2. Meet with one of our highly experienced plastic surgeons.

Now it’s time to meet your plastic surgeon. Expect to discuss:

  • What you’d like to change about your appearance and why. 
  • Options for procedures that can achieve your goals and results you can expect from each. 
  • Your surgeon may also suggest complementary or alternative procedures. The Polyclinic Plastic Surgery Center in Seattle also has an Aesthetic Center. We offer all of our surgical patients a complimentary consultation to discuss treatments and/or products that can help optimize your skin’s health before, during, and after your procedure. Typically these consults can take place on the same day you’re here so you can be fully informed of all of your options.
  • What’s involved with the surgery ( length, anesthesia to be used, pain management, recovery timeframe, postoperative care.)
  • Your medical history.


You’ll remain in your own clothes for most of the consultation. If your area of concern is on the breasts or body, the surgeon will leave the room while you change into a robe and return to examine the area following your initial discussion. 

Examinations will focus on the areas of interest and will help determine how the proposed procedures can help achieve your cosmetic goals. Photographs may be taken to assist in surgical planning.

4. Meet with your patient care coordinator.

Your patient care coordinator is your liaison between you and the practice. She will ensure your questions are addressed quickly as you consider your options before surgery and throughout your surgery and recovery process. She will also assist you with scheduling pre-op appointments, your surgery date, and post-op appointments.

5. Discuss pricing and financing options with the patient care coordinator.

You’ll be provided a detailed price quote for the procedure you are considering at the conclusion of your consultation. This quote will include:

Surgeon’s fees

Anesthesia fees

Facility fees

Cost of devices such as breast implants 

You’ll also have an opportunity to discuss payment or financing options as well as potential insurance coverage.


You will have the opportunity to schedule the same day as your consultation.

One of the great benefits of working within a multi-surgeon practice is the ability of our surgeons to collaborate with other surgeons on the team regarding your care.  You will benefit from having a team of six experts that are readily available for your surgeon to consult with if necessary.

Each of our award-winning plastic surgeons at the Polyclinic Plastic Surgery Center in Seattle is a skilled artist that views your body as their art form. With the goal in mind of enhancing each patient’s own natural beauty, our surgeons and staff will provide you with personalized, compassionate care every step of the way throughout your surgical journey.