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First in Pacific Northwest: Training site for Geneveve by Viveve Medical

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Polyclinic Plastic Surgery first in the Pacific Northwest to become a training site for Geneveve by Viveve Medical, a painless treatment for Female Rejuvenation.

Vaginal tissue, like the skin, changes over time due to aging, genetics and natural childbirth. Losing its strength and vitality can lead to stress urinary incontinence (leaky bladder) as well as decreased lubrication and sexual satisfaction.

How is Geneveve different?

Other treatments available use laser energy as well as non-cryogen cooled radio frequency. Due to the shallow and ablative nature of these treatments, patients can encounter unwanted downtime and a commitment to a series of visits. Viveve medical designed the Geneveve with women’s busy lives in mind. By using cryogen cooling, Geneveve is able to deliver energy 3-5x deeper giving significant results in one 30-minute painless visit.  No need to schedule around activities either, very minimal to no downtime is to be expected.

The ability to be able to enjoy life’s intimate moments and laugh with confidence have made this treatment life changing for women around the world.

How soon will I feel results?

Some women report feeling immediate results, although, this is typically due to initial inflammation in the tissue causing a tighter sensation. Actual results can vary but most people see actual results in 1-3 months, with continual and lasting improvement for a year or more.

How long will results last?

Studies have shown results to last up to a year at minimum. By developing your own collagen results can be permanent. Life events such as subsequent vaginal births or other conditions causing loosening of the introitus can cause maintenance treatments to be necessary.

Polyclinic Plastic Surgery is excited to be the first practice in the Pacific Northwest to offer this unique non-surgical solution to improve women’s confidence and overall quality of life.  To learn more about female rejuvenation treatments, as well as other procedures we offer, please contact one of our patient service representatives at 206.860.5582.  You can also find more information on our female rejuvenation page here

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